09/05/2009 -


Activating and Balancing Human’s Energy Field

What is EAtm ?

Energy Activator is a VERY STRONG Vibrational Tool that can help to activate and balance human’s energy field using Lakowsky and Tesla Method. Besides that, it also  uses Unique Design Model enhanced with Bach’s Method.

How Does EAtm Work ?

The first step, It will activate our human’s energy system using earth healing vibration that automatically invoke our inner healing system. After activating for several times, it will also balance our human’s energy system.

What will we feel, when using EAtm ?

Usually, our spine will be warm and warm. We feel tingling sensation in our hands. Every person has different sensation depends on their problems. Some people feel sleepy, pain in certain area in the body, spacey and ungrounded. But after several times, after EA tm balance our energy system, we feel fresh and full of energy.

Is EAtm a Fabricated magnetized vibrational tool ?

It is different with other fabricated magnetized vibrational tool. Its method using earth magnetic healing system that already known by many healers around the world since a long time ago. Some people say it – Prana, Inner Power, Chi, Universal Energy or Reiki

Is EAtm using Crystals or Gemstones ?

It vibrates and sends out universal energy like crystals or gemstones BUT it doesn’t absorb energy from outside.

What is the EAtm useful for ?

The main purpose of  EAtm is for ACTIVATING and BALANCING Human’s Energy fields. So, it will help a lot of  HEALTH Condition in our body. The first time, it will stimulate our energy system via chakras and meridians. After that it will balance our energy system.

Who Can Use Energy Activator tm ?

Every persons can use it. Workers, Housewives, Students, Consultants, Meditators, Teachers, Children, Spiritual Seekers, Priests, Young and Old people, Men and Women,  etc.

When can we use Energy Activator tm ?

When we are tired, When energy needed by the body, When we sit to meditate, When we works in the computer. When we do energy healing session. And many more activities that energy needed.

Can We combine other vibrational tools when using Energy Activator tm ?

Principally, we can combine BUT we have to be careful because EAtm can activate your vibes tools. So the energy will be STRONGER. And Remember Stronger , it doesn’t mean better.

Is it  SAFE for Us to Use it ?

Some vibes tools products ONLY activating. But EAtm uses two methods, Activating and Balancing. So, it will be more safe than others.

Is it safe for Pregnant Woman ?

We don’t recommend it. Because as we know, this vibe tool increase the energy in our body. So the body will be warmer. The body’s temperature of pregnant woman is already high. When this vibe tool used, energy increase and Heat-feeling will be appeared. Sometimes it will be inconvenient for the pregnant woman.

What kind of DISEASE that can be helpful to use EA tm ?

This vibe tool could be used as a complimentary healing for HNP, Stroke, limb paralysis, vascular problems, artery coronary disease, all the illness that need ENERGY INCREASE in the body.

What Kind of Disease that’s not recommended to use EA tm ?

Inflammation disease, such as Sorethroat,  Flu, Cough, Burn disease. As we know, if we’ve got inflammation in our body, our body’s temperature is already high. When we use EA tm , it will increase the energy and cause heat.