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ENERGY ACTIVATOR tm Activating and Balancing Human’s Energy Field

08/15/2011 -


Tired Feeling, Energy drained, Sweat needed, Focus and Attention needed after lunch, Warm needed, Weak aura and muscle, Chakras unbalance, Low body and mental activity ( during in-patient at hospital or clinic ), Low Chi circulation in the body, Electro Magnetic Field Syndrome (usually people who use computers or electronic gadgets a lot). All this condition will be IMPROVED after using this vibe tool, ENERGY ACTIVATOR tm.

ONLY using 10 – 30 minutes this tool, your ENERGY LEVEL will be improved. Your body will be warmer, energy in meridians and chakras INCREASE.  All stagnant energy will be pushed – away from the body. Your Focus ant Attention will be back. You don’t need to take MEDICATION or MEDITATION or BODY – EXERCISE to bring back your FIT ENERGY LEVEL.

This vibe tool will activate and balance your body self-healing capability using the Earth Healing Vibration. Just put this ENERGY ACTIVATOR tm in your hand or any place in the body, it will work immediately. It is easy and safe to use. Try it to PROVE the USEFULNESS of this 21st century product.

Who can use this product ? Every one.

Who can’t use this product ? Baby, Pregnant woman, people who

Got inflammation disease.

How Long can we use this product ? 2 or 3 times a day – @ 10 – 30 min.

How do we use it ? Just touch on the skin.

What is the effect ? Energy Increase, Activate and

Balance the auras and chakras.

Is it good for complementary therapy ? YES, of course.

Is it’s healing property will be forever ? YES, Absolutely

Verified By :
Aura Technology

Serial Number : BA 0908001

Note :

This is a unique and sophisticated vibrational tool only. It works in human’s energy field. It doesn’t change your doctor’s rule. If you have any problem with your health condition. It is important to see your physician to evaluate and cure your problem.


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