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Natural and Metaphysics Health Condition Analysis (NMHCA)

AURA – Energetic Fields Analysis

A Clairvoyant Healer is usually used aura and chakra analysis to see the conditions and healing pattern of the patients. Now, we know that when a person will get sick, the aura will give the hints. If they fix the problem before it occurs in the physical body, they will not get sick. Sometimes, we do not know why we are sick even though we have performed medical check up in the modern medical laboratories. A Clairvoyant Healers know that something in the emotional or mental body aura disturb your health. But the problem is we never know the quality of a Clairvoyant healer. Today, in holistic health checking analysis method we know there is a real-life Aura Video System that could see the aura directly through a plasma monitor. The patient and healer could see the aura straight away. So the healer will provide the information based on the scientific method that is also can be seen by the patients.

Aura Sensitivity – Vibrational Health Analysis

This method is developed by Vibrational Flowers Energy Users Society. Every person has aura or energetic fields around the body. If there is a disturbance in certain aspect of life, the aura will change. If a person can handle the problem, the aura will be in a harmony. But if the problem is too complicated to handle, we need help. This method use the power of Plants and Flowers Energy. Enhanced Bach’s Flowers Remedy.

Hand Writings and Signature Analysis

Every human’s characters and patterns could be seen in their handwritings. A Graphologist will know the personality of the clients just by studying their handwritings. An illness pattern is also can be seen by using this technique.

Medical Palmistry

Many doctors in the past know that certain disease cause changes of lines and shapes of the hands. Based on their experiences, this kind of health analysis is developed. The practitioners study the surface of palms, colors, textures, lines and certain signs, the shapes of the hands and other indications in the palm.

Yin – Yang and 5 Elements Analysis (Personal Ba-Zhi Analysis)

This esoteric health analysis is a long-proven technique in Chinese Culture. We know there is light (yang) and dark (yin). There is 5 elements that could influence people in their life. The elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire. The harmony between these five elements will give positive effects in human being. If we have excessive or lack of certain element, we are in a non-balance condition.

Lo-Shu Square Analysis

This also an esoteric Chinese Culture Tradition. There is 3 numbers for every person, and there is 81 types of person (same as Tao Te Ching Paragraph from Lao Tzu). From this method we know our overall nature, personality and how others see us. Using this method combined with 5 elements principle, you know yourself better.

Feng Shui – Earth Vibration Analysis

A place where we live affects our health. If we live under the High Voltage electricity area for 5 years or more, our physical, emotional or mental health could be abnormal. Earth Vibration or Feng Shui in general could make our life better or worse. This earth vibration analysis is a common knowledge in every culture. From India, China, Indian (Mayan, Incan), Egypt, Greece \, our ancestors know that certain vibration on earth could help or disturb you.

Thian – Te – Shen (heaven, Earth, Soul) Analysis

This method of Human’s Health analysis is a combination of
several techniques either from the West or East that describe above. As a human
being, we know that Health and Luck depends on blessing of the God (Thian /
Heaven Vibration), place where we live (Te / Earth Vibration) and Our Effort
(Shen / Soul Vibration). All these vibration has same capacity to support our
life. It is 33.33% each. When we could make a balance in these 3 aspects or
make Earth and Soul Vibration more dominant in our life. At least we can create
a harmony in our life.


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